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Synchro - 915 302 301 04
Synchro Ring - 80mm
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1st and 2nd gear Synchro for 911's from 1972 - '76

2nd gear Synchro for 911's from 1977 - '86

Part number 91530230104

Manufactured by Rauch and Spiegel

This part is suitable for use in 915 gearboxes, which is the gearbox that was used for most of the life of the "classic 911", from 1972 - 1986.  If your Carrera 3.2 has the G50 gearbox, this synchro is not suitable.  The simplest way to identify whether your car has the G50 transmission is to look at the clutch operation.  A hydraulic clutch indicates a G50 transmission; the earlier cars all had cable operated clutches.
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